Our Philosophy

Natalia Denisenko, CEO and founder of Kid's Republic.

Every child deserves only the best!

There is an opinion that it is impossible to prepare for motherhood. Until you become a parent yourself, you will not be able to fully understand whether this is true. But I really want to understand and partially foresee. That is why once we, a group of parents of the future company Kid's Republic, decided to create a world in which there would be no place for fears, routine, open questions — for example, where to run a week before giving birth and buy a stroller, a cradle, a pile of sliders, rattles and five types of feeding bottles. 


We approach everything we do with motherly love, and our company — also our child. You may be surprised, but our attention is enough for all our children — Kid's Republic store team, little customers and their parents.


We bring only the most innovative, original, useful and beautiful products, and for many years we have kept our promise. This helps — accomplished moms and dads, ready to implement all the craziest ideas, experiment, look for the best, environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials at the most authoritative world exhibitions in the toy industry, make a comprehensive selection of products for a certain age, budget, occasion, test products for wear, for months exploiting car seats and rocking strollers.


Nothing is impossible on the way to the main goal — to anticipate all the needs of our clients and make parenting an easy, exciting and happy adventure for the whole family.


In Kid's Republic there are no random — we could not bring to Ukraine a single thing that we would not love with all our heart. Everything should please the baby and his parents: design, shape, the feeling of contact between the material and the skin.


We select products in such a way that they help young parents not to fall out of a full-fledged active life, travel, meet friends, spend time with each other, making life as easy as possible.


Kid's Republic — this is a guaranteed simple solution to problems in child care, easy parenthood and a happy childhood.


If these values are close to you, then we are waiting for you in our stores to give a lot of new experiences that will remain happy moments and memories for a lifetime. After all, every child deserves the best!