Distribution and dropshipping of toys with Kid's Republic

Our company does not just rent space for shops and sell goods.

We are a major importer of well-known brands of toys and children's products from all over the world.


Our short list includes such countries as: Spain, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, USA .

In each of these countries, we have reliable partner manufacturers of children goods, with whom we have concluded exclusive supply contracts on the territory of Ukraine. 


Already today, our products are sold in such well-known networks as Metro, Fozzy, Budinok Igrashok, Antoshka, on the top Internet sites of Ukraine Rozetka, Fotos, Pampik, Panama, Maudau, as well as numerous private online stores and small children's shops  throughout the country.


We are happy to welcome you as a partner. We will provide a good and interesting product, flexible terms of cooperation.

Let's give joy to our children together!

Please send a business card with brief information about your business, the desired volumes of purchases, assortment and the region in which you are represented.

Our contact for partnership:

Everything will be Ukraine!