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Plush Toy HANSA Gazelle, 70cm (4778)

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Length, cm: 50 
Width, cm: 15 
Height, cm: 70 
Weight, kg: 0.74

Ah, what a wonderful toy - truly a symbol of lightness, speed and grace! This Gazelle looks so realistic that it seems that it has just jumped out of the forest, stopped for a minute and looks at you with surprise, tilting its head to the side.

Thick silky fur fully conveys the color of a real animal, and elastic horns, graceful ears and trusting look of fallow deer complete the similarity of the toy with the inhabitant of the African savannas.

This wonderful and graceful Gazelle will decorate any interior, will be a wonderful prop for photo shoots and a "highlight" of any exhibition.

Each Hansa soft toy is unique and special. 
After all, each copy is sewn and painted by hand from small details according to unique most accurate patterns, with fine detailing of color, proportions and typical poses to give the toy the maximum resemblance to a representative of the animal world.

Each toy handcrafted by Filipino craftsmen who use high quality eco-friendly, high pile natural fabrics. Up to 10 types of faux fur can be combined in one toy, which creates "amazing realism" and a special softness that makes toys of collectors of all ages admire.
Hansa artists create each toy based on portraits of real animals, and the unique technology of hand tailoring allows Filipino craftsmen to create effects such as muscle tone and other features that are unique to each individual animal.

On average, each animal requires 42 separate parts to make (some animals even have 240 different parts!) 
Each Hansa toy is endowed with special warmth and will be an excellent gift for both an adult and a child, as well as decorate any interior and become the main highlight of your collection.


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Plush Toy HANSA Gazelle, 70cm (4778)
3 644 ₴